You are free to choose the most appropriate way to purchase our extensions. To complete your orders you can use:

  • Your credit cards
  • Your Paypal account ( )

If you have any problems or you find any difficulties to complete your orders, please contact us instantly. We will help you complete your orders and deliver the extensions you want.

The situations for refund

We offer refunds for customers on these following conditions:

We offer refund only If customers experience a problem with the module or extension or software on a supported software version which Zoonami support team cannot handle and If the support service cannot get the software to work as described in its description.

Services including product installation, customization & development of software is not refundable in any case.

Refuse for refund

However, we realize that several exceptional situations can take place and we may refuse to refund under any one of the following situations:

  • If customers do not read the descriptions of products carefully to fully understand whether the purchased items meet their needs or not before making purchase, and the extensions which they bought have no technical problems.

  • If customers do not provide us the opportunity to resolve the issue or didn’t contact customer support before asking for refund.

  • If customers' software version is incompatible with extensions that they purchased. Therefore, we strongly recommend customers to review the current supported software versions before purchasing.

  • If Zoonami fulfilled all its services including product installation, customization & development of software, which met predefined and mutually agreed specifications.

Policy revision or changes

Zoonami reserves the right to revise/modify this refund policy at its sole discretion, or in regards to any individual customer it believes is misusing the policy, products or services rendered. Any such revision posted on this page comes into immediate effect and shall be binding. The refund policy is made public on our website and it is the user’s responsibility to read the policy document thoroughly to avoid misinterpretations.

Refund procedure

  • Step 1: When contacting Zoonami support team, please provide your purchase/order information for the product/service that you request refunds.

  • Step 2: Please provide a valid email address for communications.

  • Step 3: Allow 2-3 business days for the Customer Support Executive to respond. If the executive doesn’t respond within that time, please re-forward your request to [email protected]

  • Step 4: Subsequent to receiving a refund, you should uninstall any installed application on a system or a network pertaining to the disputed product/service. Any backup/CD/material related to the disputed product/service has to be completely destroyed.

  • Step 5: All licenses to the software or service are null and void following a refund. Any continued use in part or full is considered infringement of copyrights, intellectual property rights & agreed terms and is liable for prosecution by Zoonami.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We will promptly reflect any such modifications on these Web pages.