Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments

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Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments

Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments allows accepting secure online payments via Converge Elavon for a Magento 2 store.

Key Features:

  • Secure on-site payment process.
  • Supports one page and multi-shipping Magento Checkout experiences

Converge Elavon is a flexible, payment solution to accept secure online payments. The payment gateway offers flexible E-commerce options helpful for Magento 2 store admin. Therefore, Zoonami have developed Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments extension to integrate Magento 2 store with the converge payment gateway.

The Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments lets you provide a secure and smooth payment system in Magento 2 store. The extension is flexible enough to fit the payment functionality in any part of your store and manage all the payments in one place!

The Elavon payment gateway for Magento 2 allows capturing payments from all of your E-commerce websites and mobile apps that you develop with the passage of time! 

Ensure secure payment process to customers with the module as it functions in a PCI Compliant website only. The credit card details are not stored in the Magento environment but passed in encrypted form to the payment gateway and the response is acknowledged in the Magento 2 store. Such a system makes the process speedy and secure!

Features of Magento 2 Converge Elavon Payments extension:

  • Allows admin to manage the order lifecycle.
  • Enable mobile checkout payment experience with Merchant Form and PCI Compliant (PCI SAQ A-EP) website. 
  • Supports Credit Cards: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Dinners, Maestro International and JCB, allowing customers to enjoy a hurdle free shopping experience.
  • Provides two types of transaction management from Magento Admin:
    • Authorize and Capture payments - customer's payment will be immediately captured.
    • Authorize Only - online payments in case additional stock or payment verifications should be performed
  • Provides Authorization Transaction information at Order View Page. that allows admin to instantly see the result of Address, CVN and Postcode data entered by a customer
  • Handle and report all transactions in a single page, and to export the reports into a CSV or an Excel file easily.
  • Overcome the data errors or payment amount issues while sending a payment transaction by referring the detailed error report sent to the merchant for notification of failed transaction.
  • Allows placing order from Magento backend.
  • Supports one page and multi-shipping Magento Checkout experiences
  • Supports multi-currency and multi-accounts
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